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Splat 3D Drawing Tool

Nuts n Bolts Design have created the Splat, a powerfully simple 3D drawing tool. Made to support the design process, it is perfect for any age. The tool...


Penelope the Wombat

“Penelope is a super special wombat; some say she’s a little bit magical. She can run faster than an alpaca, levitate for ten seconds at a time; she’s...


Norris the Yeti

“Norris is the lead singer and drummer in the best band that has ever existed (according to him). When asked what type of music he plays he usually...


Gina the Giraffe

“Gina is in the process of finishing her best-selling novel Gina the Great. It’s an autobiography with a tiny smidgin of fiction mixed in for good measure. The...

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Silverback gorilla

Original hand painted and hand cut articulated silverback gorilla. Comes with string on the back so you can hang and manipulate the movement of the gorilla, or it...


Kevin the Koala

“Kevin is absolutely the laziest koala you’ll ever meet, and that’s really saying something seeing as koalas normally sleep for 22 hours a day! Kevin insists he needs...

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Kids Weaving Kit

ATW Kids Weaving Kit is the perfect introductory kit for kids aged 5 and up to discover the art of weaving.    Every pack contains a unique set of various...


Edgar the Lion

  “Edgar has quite possibly the loudest roar of any lion in the world! He also happens to be one of the politest, more considerate lions and he doesn’t...


Stanley the Sloth

“Stanley is an extremely adventurous sloth. He goes on at least six adventures a week, and sometimes as many as twenty! They vary in difficulty and scale –...


Patrick the Yak

“Patrick is a yak of many talents. First and foremost he's one of Australia’s leading paper aeroplane engineers. He’s made several state of the art paper aeroplanes that have won...


Alice the Alpaca

 “Alice recently tried roller-skating for the first time, which was a roaring success! She’s been hitting the rink at her local roller disco almost every night since, and is planning...


Willis the Turtle

“Willis is an extremely talented actor! He has appeared in several David Attenborough series, including ‘In Vold Blood’ and ‘Blue Planet.’ He also starred in the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja...