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Makers / Designers

Object Shop represents over 80 Australian makers and designers, selling beautiful handmade craft and design. Alongside our retail store and gallery, the Australian Design Centre supports the handmade community through biannual Makers Markets, shopping events, workshops and Meet the Maker experiences.

Meet our Makers!

A AM PM CeramicsAmy Tamblyn | Anthony Brink | Artist Profile MagazineAustralian Tapestry Workshop

B Baluk Arts | Benconservato | Ben Edols | Bic Tieu | Bridget Kennedy

C Cardigan Threads by Jeff McCann | Clare MazitelliCorban & Blair  

D Dinosaur Designs | DM Pottery

E Eggpicnic | Elisa Bartels | Elise Cakebread | Emi CeramicsEmily Besser | Emily Copp | Emma Greenwood 

F Fortynine Studio

G Gill BrooksGirl Nomad Ceramics

H Harriet Schwarzrock | Hayden YoulleyHelen Earl | Herbert and Friends | Hum Design StudioHusque 

I Isabel Avendano Hazbun

J JamFactoryJennifer Newton CeramicsJennifer Robertson | Jessthechen | The Journal of Australian Ceramics | Julie Pennington 

K KarmmeKate SaleKath Inglis | Katherine Mahoney | Keiko Matsui | Kirralee & Co

L Leonie Simpson | Linda Blair | Little Rowan Redhead | Lizzy Medynskyj | Love and West | Lyn & Tony

M Margot DesignMelinda Young | Milly Dent | modernmurri

N Nadeena DixonNative SwinsonNadya van Ewyk | Nicole Robins | Nuts n Bolts Design

O Outer Island

P Peter McCarthy | Pia LarsenPublic Holiday 

R RokocoRomana Toson

S Scoops DesignSophia Emmett | Studio A | svikis. | Sylvia Riley Designs

T Tapestry Girl | Tara Lofhelm | The Raconteur | Tjanpi Desert Weavers

V Vanessa Ion | Vicki Mason

W Woodfolk 


Z Zara Collins

​​What’s On in store at Object Shop

ADC Makers Market
Featuring over 25 makers and designers, join us under the marquee for a bespoke market event with food and drinks, activities and meet the maker experiences.
When: Saturday 19 October, 10am - 4pm
Where: Australian Design Centre, corner William and Palmer St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Free entry | Follow the Facebook event here for all the updates. ​