Brooch Comet Large

Brooch Comet Large

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Description: The Comet series is a range of wearable objects made from intaglio printed paper bonded to gatorboard, with a magnetic disc backing that can be worn on most medium-weight clothing. Each piece is individually printed and assembled, and no two items are exactly alike. 

Materials: Heavy rag paper, gatorboard, acrylic printing ink. Products are not water proof, but are still robust.

Dimensions: Approx 8-10cm Diameter, 5mm Depth

Pia Larsen | is an Inner West artist who enjoys translating concepts through materials, imagery and objects. She has a particular passion for printmedia and colour and interest in objects in flux that can activate space and be worn on the body. Each Comet wearable is a unique hand-crafted print-image-object inspired by nature and astronomy.

Pia describes her process as follows: The Comet images have been created using print media on paper. I have made relief prints from an image I’ve cut into lino, (using a roller to roll ink over the top surface of the lino block) printing on top of imagery/patterns/colours that were created using intaglio, (a process involving pushing ink into the grooves and marks below the surface and wiping excess ink away from the top surface) on heavy rag paper, 250-300gsm.

Rag paper has been made so that it can be submerged in a water bath to absorb water and then blotted to remove excess water. Intaglio prints have to be printed on soaked and blotted paper to enable the paper to absorb the ink sitting below the surface. The paper picks up the ink from the plate or block as it is rolled through a printing press under blankets.

I then cut the shaped edge of the flattened and dried print with scissors. I then trace the outline of the Comet shape onto a piece of gatorboard and cut the gatorboard into the shape of the print using a jewellers saw. The gatorboard is sanded and painted with acrylic paint.”