Ceramic Vase Flannel Flower Bottle Small

Ceramic Vase Flannel Flower Bottle Small

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Stoneware slab built handmade ceramic with impressed vintage Flannel Flower pattern (sourced from a Federation House window.)

Dimensions: 10cm H x 8cm D approx

Materials: Ceramic glazed in 'White-Buff'. Dishwasher/Micowave safe.

DM Pottery | Denise McDonald has trained in potteries in England and Australia to learn her craft from the roots up, using time honoured skills and new innovative techniques to make art for everyday living - functional ceramics.

Her work currently tends to divide into 2 main streams: hand built tableware utilising Australian botanical motifs and wheel formed pieces that rely on simple elegant form. Many times these streams overlap. High quality glazes with depth and bold colour are a feature common to both. 

The hand built work brings together a celebration of our unique Australian flora with a love for heritage patterns and motifs. This fusion results in pieces that have a contemporary design with a hint of nostalgia. You will find 100 year old flannel flower surfaces, bold red Waratahs and quiet fishbone fern embossed on functional stoneware and porcelain.