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Collection: Emma Greenwood

Emma Greenwood is a process-driven craftswoman, trained in sculpture, printmaking and custom-made footwear.  Using a variety of materials such as leather, postage stamps, felt and rope, Emma’s pieces are highly tactile and precious, referencing a love of colour, humour, symmetry and silhouette. 

Eschewing the need for seasonal trends, Emma revisits signature themes and ideas inspired by flora, regalia, philately, science fiction and hiphop culture. Either bespoke and highly customised, or in small production runs, she lovingly handcrafts her footwear and accessories entirely from her Melbourne studio. 

“My practice focuses on the manipulation of leather into bold sculptural forms. I combine traditional skills of leatherworking, jewellery and textile arts to produce footwear and accessories with a sense of experimentation and contemporary direction.”

Image Credit: Emma Greenwood, Leather Luggage Tag, 2018. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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