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Collection: Feltwilde

Feltwilde is the work of fibre artist Gillian Brooks, who creates contemporary handmade felt designs and is "mad keen" on textiles.

She attended her first felt-making workshop in 1994 and was immediately struck by the extraordinary unique properties of wool and the amazing versatility of handmade felt. 

"Handmade felt is a strange and unique textile. Moisture, heat and friction applied to wool fibres over time creates a versatile and utilitarian fabric which can be adapted to many applications. I am continually surprised, delighted and challenged by the seemingly unlimited possibilities of this amazing medium, that a lifetime doesn't feel long enough".

"By continuing to immerse myself in my craft, make unique works, and teach, I wish to introduce others to the remarkable and sustainable properties of wool and the ancient craft, with a modern twist, of felt-making".

Instagram @feltwilde

Image Credit: Gill Brooks, Felted Banksia Vessels, 2020. Photo: ADC.

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