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Collection: Kathy Elliott "Suspect" Series

This limited edition series of hand-engraved glass tumblers has been made to accompany work in the Isolate Make exhibition at Australian Design Centre. 

Kathy Elliot is a decorative artist who has worked with glass for thirty years. Like her exhibition work in Isolate Make, these glasses are found objects that Kathy has carved with fingerprints using a hand held dremel tool, symbolic of this year of COVID-19. 

Materials: Glass. Hand-made in Sydney. 

Edols Elliot | Kathy Elliott and Benjamin Edols have been working collaboratively since 1993, transforming the tradition and craftsmanship of glass blowing into contemporary and poetic works of art. Their free-flowing, colourful glassworks - including lights, functional bowls, vases, jugs, and of course, sculptures - have been exhibited in Australia and around the world.

Image: Kathy Elliott, Danger Within, 2020. Photo: Greg Piper.

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