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Collection: Pennie Jagiello

Pennie Jagiello is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller who recently completed a Masters in Art at RMIT. Pennie’s ongoing research investigates the objects we use and discard, and the environmental consequences of unsustainable practices.

In her work, Pennie Jagiello aims to summarise the extremity of the lasting environmental impacts we impose upon the natural world. She collects that which we discard, and her way of processing these anxieties is through contemporary jewellery objects. Pennie only works with found and discarded human-made materials without the purchase of new resources. This way of working, which provides many challenges, has completely formed Pennie’s practice for many years.

Pennie was a finalist in the 2016 and 2017 Victorian Craft Award, and recently selected for a residency with Form Gallery in Western Australia, which enabled her to visit the Pilbara during 2014–16.

Her works have been exhibited nationally at selected craft and design galleries, as well as showing in alternative art spaces. Pennie runs workshops, is a short course and studio lecturer in the School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT, and is a guest lecturer in the School of Art.

Image: Pennie Jagiello, What we leave behind: heirlooms of the Anthropocene #4 and What we leave behind: heirlooms of the Anthropocene #5, 2019-20. Photo: Ruby Aitchison. Image editing: Bewley Shaylor.