Ceramic Mug With Handle Rocky Shoreline

Ceramic Mug With Handle Rocky Shoreline

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Glazed mug with handle from the "Shoreline" series.


Materials: Stoneware with matt and gloss glazes

Helen Earl explores the interface between form and function, nature and object, and by incorporating found objects into her work, provokes thought and reflection about how we interact with both the natural and object-laden world.

Helen works from a home based studio in Sydney and much of her exploration of ideas for work comes from walking and gathering found objects, usually nature’s flotsam, in her environment.

Concepts for new work begin with the experiential, the moving about and exploring of a natural space. This experience is then expanded or framed by narratives of culture, history, science and the environment. Helen seeks out associations between the everyday existence of our daily cultural lives and the natural world in which we live.