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Bowl Bauple Set of Two Powder Blue

Bowl Bauple Set of Two Powder Blue

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Named after Mt Bauple in Queensland, Australia where the Macadamia nut is prolific in the wild and is Historically referred to as the Bauple nut. There is a indigenous dreamtime reference to a man ‘Baphal’ of the Budjilla people sent to look after the mountain, which forms the origin of the name Baphal Nut.

Dimensions: H60cm x Ø140cm / H45cm x Ø110cm

Weight: 470gm

Materials: Made from Macadamia shell.

HUSQUE is a composite material, not dissimilar to the early 1900s recipe for electrical Bakelite which combined wood flour and resin. HUSQUE has qualities that allows it to be moulded into thick and thin sections with low shrinkage, it is strong and is insulative, it can be machined and has several options for finishing, including polishing, varnishing, waxing and oiling with beeswax and natural minerals. But what makes HUSQUE really special, is its connection to the Australian psyche, and its uniqueness as a native Australian plant that grew nowhere else in the world as recently as 1856. 

Designer Marc Harrison develops a unique and innovative range of macadamia products using composite material, reflecting his interest in sustainable design. Focusing on the unique Australian story of the macadamia nut’s native origin to the East Coast, HUSQUE is influenced by the contours of broken macadamia shell and its connection to the Australian psyche.

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