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Bowl Wood Husque Nude

Bowl Wood Husque Nude

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The original Husque bowl was designed in 2003, to celebrate the unique botanical connection between the Macadamia nut and its native origin, the mid east coast of Australia. The Macadamia shell used to make Husque is harvested from the same origin.

Dimensions: H80mm x L210mm x W170mm

Weight: 750gm

Materials: Made from Macadamia shell. HUSQUE is a composite material, not dissimilar to the early 1900s recipe for electrical Bakelite which combined wood flour and resin. HUSQUE has qualities that allows it to be moulded into thick and thin sections with low shrinkage, it is strong and is insulative, it can be machined and has several options for finishing, including polishing, varnishing, waxing and oiling with beeswax and natural minerals. But what makes HUSQUE really special, is its connection to the Australian psyche, and its uniqueness as a native Australian plant that grew nowhere else in the world as recently as 1856. 

Designed 2003 

Husque | Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Marc Harrison’s design studio is based in Brisbane, Australia. He studied interior design at The Queensland College of Art between 1989-1992 and has been periodically returning as an Associate Lecturer since 2001.

Marc has an interest in sustainable design and extensively researched and incorporated bio-composites into his recent products. He fosters both concept design for international exhibitions alongside the creation of functional design focusing on innovative lighting, home-wares, architectural fittings and furniture for interiors and streetscapes.

His studio is responsible for producing and distributing many of his products, as well as designing products for organisations such as Australian furniture manufacturers, government and corporate agencies.

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