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Ceramic Bowl Flat Small Chalk
Ceramic Bowl Flat Small Chalk
Ceramic Bowl Flat Small Chalk

Ceramic Bowl Flat Small Chalk

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A simple and elegant flat bowl suitable for pasta or other dishes. 

Pictured in the picture on the left.

Dimensions: Approx 23cm D x 5cm H

Materials: Stoneware. Handmade in Australia. 

Inspired by a medium which is expressive and exquisite; fragile and durable, Katherine tries – through the ritual and rhythm of wheel throwing – to create pieces that are simple, yet beautiful. She uses porcelain for its whiteness and ability make colours sing, and stoneware for its robust durability.

Katherine’s latest work has been inspired by the colours and textures in Sydney's landscape particularly the sandstone that abounds in the area. She encourages the user to make the pieces unique by the way they use them – then they themselves are creative.

Katherine first fell in love with ceramics back in 1974, when she went to visit her brother who was working at a pottery studio in Kent, England. She adored everything about it: the stacks of pots, the wheels, the clay covered floor and tightly packed kilns – ribbons of trimmed clay skimming off leather-hard pots. 

Since moving to Australia in the nineties, Katherine has continued to make one-off wheel-thrown pieces, alongside more sculptural forms. Tableware remains her primary preoccupation and she enjoys creating bespoke pieces for restaurants, designers, galleries and individuals that elevate the everyday.


Ceramic Bowl Flat Small Chalk