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Hayden Youlley

Ceramic Coffee Cup Paper Series

Ceramic Coffee Cup Paper Series

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Hayden Youlley's Paper series explores surface textures inspired by crumpled paper. This series of slip-cast porcelain vessels is ideal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen. Available in white with a coloured rim in various colours, white with a printed message, or solid colour. 

All pieces of Hayden Youlley Design ceramics are hand made and any irregularities in shape are part of the process and should be enjoyed and embraced.

Dimensions: 8.5cm D x 8.5cm H, Volume: 250ml or 8 oz or Regular coffee

Materials: Imperial translucent porcelain. Porcelain is microwave, dishwasher and food safe. 

Hayden Youlley studied a Bachelor of Design at COFA which gave him the opportunity to experiment with various design disciplines and introduced him to ceramics.

The endless possibilities malleable clay offered to explore his ideas about of surface, scale and volume really sparked his interest. For Hayden, the process of designing, prototyping and producing ceramics, both sculptural and functional, involves the right mix of instant satisfaction, challenge, surprise, problem solving and beauty to keep him interested in exploring all its possibilities.

That’s the fanciest way he has found to say that it is a really fun and rewarding way to get your hands dirty and throw mud around all day.

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