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Ceramic Planter Electric Pathways Large

Ceramic Planter Electric Pathways Large

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Unique and colourful ceramic vessel from the latest collection by TRADE the MARK. All pieces are hand thrown on the wheel, hand painted and etched, so expect slight variation in size and design. Plants not included.

Large Planter 

Black & Electric blue

Dimensions: 10.5cm width  x 11cm height 

Materials: Matt stoneware with underglaze and sgraffito decoration. 

TRADE the MARK is an art and design studio led by artist Christina McLean. Currently focusing on hand built and painted ceramic vessels, bespoke art pieces and textile design, the TRADE the MARK studio and its output is constantly evolving, like Christina herself. 

For over two decades, Christina McLean has been obsessed with materials – how they speak and what they say. Her most enduring fixation has been with clay; she’s been glazing, firing, and throwing since she left art school in the early 1990s. What ties Christina’s output together is her unique aesthetic, artistic vision and commitment to hand craftsmanship.

Christina is deeply original, incredibly skilled, slightly mad and finely tuned to the wonder of the natural world. Her work embodies her vision, values and creativity. Within each pot, wall hanging, vase or earring is found a hint of her journey and her values. Every TRADE the MARK object, whether functional or not, is a piece of art, not a product.

Product Photos: Courtesy of the artist