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Milly Dent

Ceramic Bowl Sunflower White

Ceramic Bowl Sunflower White

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Bring a little ray of sunshine to your table with this new series of bowls by Milly Dent.

Milly's Sunflower dishes and bowls are cast in porcelain from the row of sunflowers growing at the back of her studio. More about the process here.

These pieces can be used for anything from holding jewels, as a serving bowl for olives, for presenting snacks or eating pasta! Available in a variety of sizes that have been cast from a variety of sunflowers. 

Dimensions: (D x H ) 15 x 3cm 

Materials: White Porcelain & Clear Gloss Glaze, Dishwasher Safe, Made in Sydney Australia. 

Milly Dent reimagines daily routine through uniquely handcrafted, exclusive ceramic goods. Handmade by Milly using small-scale production methods along with distinctive marbling and geometric pattern work, the result challenges conventional expectations of tableware. The underlying philosophy is based on the simple ideal of producing work that results in outcomes which are both utilitarian and sculptural.

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