Ceramic Cup Squiggle

Ceramic Cup Squiggle

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These warm and tactile ceramic cups are inspired by the patterns created by the moth grub that can be found on Australian Scribbly Gum trees.

The design on each piece is unique and created by integrating the squiggle into the surface during the initial making. A satin white glaze is added inside, with the outside left natural and polished to a silky smooth finish.

This is a versatile all rounder shape that can be used for that hand warming first cup of wake-up brew, a bowl for that mid afternoon sweet treat pick-me up or maybe a bit of saucy dipping action.

Dimensions: 10.5cm D x 6.5cm H, Capacity: 8oz (250ml)

Material: High-fire ceramic and glaze, handcrafted in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Kristina Cooke lives and works in the green and lush coastal area of the NSW mid north coast. Kristina works with high-fire clay using a full spectrum of techniques from throwing on the wheel, slab building and slip casting, to make ceramic vessels and homewares.

The tones and textures in her work evoke the local environment, be it the boulder country of the Gibraltar Ranges or the coastal rockpools of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and fired up to three times in her kiln.