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Ceramic Vase Stitch Pattern Conical Mocha

Ceramic Vase Stitch Pattern Conical Mocha

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This range of delicate vessels bring hand stitching and ceramics together to create functional art. 

Dimensions: 11cm D x 13cm H approx

Materials: Stoneware. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Clare Unger combines hand stitching and ceramics in a way that is both playful and pleasurable.

She explores narratives relating to family, identity and memory while being mindful that behind the façade of beauty that hand stitched textiles portray, there is a hidden and sometimes dark history of women. Both ceramics and embroidery are powerful tools for developing narratives allowing an exploration of her personal history and connection to these two distinct art forms while articulating a complex range of ideas and emotions.

Testing and trialling of different materials and techniques are crucially important in the development of Clare's work – this includes testing different fabrics, stitching threads and designs, and the development of glazes that enhance the surface details.