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Craft Kit Articulated Beastie Sour Puss

Craft Kit Articulated Beastie Sour Puss

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Make your own articulated paper doll, with this DIY kit.

The quirky creatures created by Emma Kidd (Benconservato) come printed on paper, ready for you to cut out and assemble using brads. Instructions included in pack.

Dimensions: Printed on A5 sheet of paper

Materials: 300gsm satin/gloss paper, a selection of metal brads. Due to the inclusion of small metal brads, these kits may not suitable for toddlers or young children.

Benconservato | Emma Kidd creates wonderfully quirky articulated creatures and smaller 2D artworks, paintings and monoprints, all of a similar vein. Working full time as an artist, she likes making affordable art for a diverse audience.

Emma has an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts (printmaking, photography, painting) and has done various residencies in Europe specialising in multi-plate photographic etching. She has travelled, lived and worked overseas.

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