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Small Impact

Crumple Glass Cup New Leaf

Crumple Glass Cup New Leaf

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Hand blown glass cups by multi-award winning glass artist and sculptor, Scott Chaseling. 

These tumblers are made from resurfaced wine bottles, and keep it casual – everyday. 


Manipulated under heat, each glass is unique. You will see the sense of hand of the maker in the lip, and they retain the base of the wine bottle. They are extremely hardy, and dishwasher safe. 


6cm diameter x 12cm high (variable)

Small Impact is a collaborative project and the first hot glass studio in the Southern Highlights of NSW. The studio creates bespoke glass homewares and jewellery designs, while embracing sustainability practices.

Small Impact is all about glass. As a material it has such history, and yet it embodies the future as we find new creativity in sustainable design.

The lead designer is renowned glass artist Scott Chaseling, who brings over 35 years of international experience to the studio's regenerative design.

Image Credit: Small Impact Pixel Vessels, 2020. Photo: COTA

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