Ceramic Pot Desk Top 17cm Dia x 17cm H

Ceramic Pot Desk Top 17cm Dia x 17cm H

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The Desk Top Pot is a range of indoor pots that draws on the beauty of plants and the simplicity of natural materials. The pots are bold and animated in character, bringing life to any indoor space.

The design emerged from the problem of keeping indoor plants well-watered, healthy and happy; without worrying about water leaks, condensation, or the constant rotation and moving of pots.

The pots use clay from Western Sydney and are once-fired using solar power to minimise their environmental impact.

Dimensions: 17cm dia x 17cm high (fits a standard 140mm plastic pot available from any nursery)

Materials: Local terracotta clay, made by hand at The Fortynine Studio workshop in Sydney, Australia

The Fortynine Studio | The Fortynine Studio is an object design studio with a focus on making and materiality. Their work has strong references to the natural Australian landscape and uses local materials. They make things for everyday use. The Fortynine Studio aims to foster good local design as an alternative to mass produced, commercial products.