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Tinka Taylor

Earrings Biggie Pink and Red

Earrings Biggie Pink and Red

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Part of the Baubles Collection the Biggie Small earrings comprise of a stack of one 16mm ball and one 12mm beaded ball suspended from a brushed sterling silver tubular stem with an extra long ear wire. Each ‘beaded ball’ is hand stitched one bead at a time from the tiniest glass seed beads manufactured in Japan. Featuring a classic colour blocking combo of colour lined pink and opaque red lustre.

Materials: Glass beads, oxidised sterling silver

Longer Variant: Overall length 52mm

Enjoying careers in both interior design and wearable art, Regina Krawets merges her love of architectural forms, colour and textiles to create contemporary objects of adornment. Building on an appreciation of beadwork, Regina continues to draw inspiration from her urban environment to explore its intersection with nature and its inhabitants, identity and belonging, as well as issues of sustainability.




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