Ceramic Pinch Dish Flip Flop Slip 6cm

Ceramic Pinch Dish Flip Flop Slip 6cm

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Flip Flop Slip is a range of ceramic tableware, bowls, serving dishes and platters designed and hand made by The Fortynine Studio.

Flip Flop Slip borrows form and texture from found vessels and remnant textiles. The range is produced in small quantities with each piece made and painted by hand using local stoneware clays and the FortynineStudio's own range of colours developed in their Sydney studio.

Dimensions: 6cm diameter

Materials: Stoneware

The Fortynine Studio | The Fortynine Studio is an object design studio with a focus on making and materiality. Their work has strong references to the natural Australian landscape and uses local materials. They make things for everyday use. The Fortynine Studio aims to foster good local design as an alternative to mass produced, commercial products.