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Greeting Card Hand Printed Wattle Seasons Greetings

Greeting Card Hand Printed Wattle Seasons Greetings

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These beautiful Christmas cards have been made with original handcarved stamps by Sydney based artist Rowan Sivyer. Due to the handmade nature of this work, print quality and colours vary with each card, giving it a beautiful unique quality.

Materials: Card stock and envelope

Dimensions: Card: 10.5 x 15cm Envelope: 11.5 x 16cm

Little Rowan Redhead | Rowan Sivyer is an Inner West Sydney painter and printmaker. Her work is inspired by Australian flora and fauna.

While she loves watercolours, it is in printmaking that Rowan has found her niche. Rowan creates intricate stamps which she then uses to print unique greeting cards and original prints. Every piece is a little different as they are all printed by hand.

'The instant gratification of carving a stamp and turning into something with fantastic graphic appeal is highly addictive'.