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Pennie Jagiello

Hook Earrings Flat Oval Sky Blue PJ MW 32

Hook Earrings Flat Oval Sky Blue PJ MW 32

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Hand carved flat oval sky blue disc earrings

Materials: Handmade recycled sterling silver.

Measurements: Oval 6.8 length x 5.3  wide x .3 cm deep 

Pennie Jagiello has created these jewellery pieces to accompany the ADC touring exhibition Made/Worn.  

Pennie Jagiello is a contemporary jeweller whose ongoing research investigates the objects we use and discard, and the environmental consequences of unsustainable practices. Pennie only works with found and discarded human-made materials without the purchase of new resources. In this way, she processes the anxieties caused by the extremity of the lasting environmental impacts we impose upon the natural world. 

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