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Amy Tamblyn

Lunar Bangle

Lunar Bangle

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Hard Drawn 925 Silver and 14K Gold-Filled Wire single-looped bangle with moving bead. 

Dimensions: Wire gauge 1.6mm, Wrist Size: Small/Medium 6cm-6.3cm Internal Diameter

Materials: Sterling Silver and 14K Gold-Filled Tube and Wire

Amy Tamblyn embraces the process of making, exposing the techniques she uses to create her jewellery. Sometimes tiny and sometimes enormous, Amy's jewellery focuses on linear shapes and forms that quietly occupy a space around the wearer. 

Crafting the shapes is physically demanding and this itself plays a large role in the eventual silhouettes. The inspiration of cubist shapes and lines are clearly evident; loops and hoops, sharp geometric corners and curves from hard-formed wire designs. There are no rules, other than the limitations of the designer’s hands and the material itself.

All pieces are designed and hand made by Amy in her Darlinghurst studio, using locally sourced materials where possible combined with high quality metals from USA, Germany, and occasional small edition found gems from around the world.

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