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Bawrrungga Nyami Gawbarrigam Jewellery

Necklace Aunty Majory Buchanan BPIJP9

Necklace Aunty Majory Buchanan BPIJP9

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Catalogue Number: BPIJP 9

Artist: Aunty Majory Buchanan

Medium: Acrylic painted air clay, silk string, shell.

Size: ( L x W) 37cm, W5cm.

Using a variety of techniques and natural materials collected locally from Jagun (Country) such as acrylic painted air clay, silk and leather string, beach shells, copper, textured heat patina and emu feathers, the collective of nine Gumbaynggirr artists create unique and exclusive jewellery pieces as part of the Indigenous Jewellery Project. 

Product Images: Courtesy IJP.

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