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Inari Kiuru

Necklace New Spring Old Gods #9 [Limited Edition]

Necklace New Spring Old Gods #9 [Limited Edition]

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Necklace New Spring Old Gods #9 [Limited Edition] - Silver double necklace, 3D ends

These first necklaces in the ‘New spring, Old gods’ series (Winter 2020) continue Inari's investigation of bringing urban/industrial and organic/natural elements together, and as such also tie in with the ‘Brunswick’ work in the ‘Made/Worn’ exhibition.

Designed from mass produced, standardised plastic components into kinetic, blooming patterns, the pieces are light and playful, nodding to our urban surroundings. At the same time, the forms are evocative of ancient, sensual memories of seasonal rituals.

These pieces were made to accompany work in the exhibition Made/Worn

Dimensions: Approx. 80cm length

Materials: Industrial plastic components.

With a multidisciplinary practice encompassing jewellery, objects, images, and installation, Inari’s strong native relationship with the seasons informs her focus on external and internal landscapes by observing and portraying the city’s light, weather and changing atmospheres. Using materials integral to urban settings (concrete, glass, steel), she reveals the poetic qualities of non-precious, industrial ingredients.



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