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Neckpiece Woven Fibre Spathe Pendant

Neckpiece Woven Fibre Spathe Pendant

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Wearable fibre neckpiece by Nicole Robins. 

Dimensions: 60cm length approx

Materials: Palm spathe and mixed plant fibres from Nicole's garden in Sydney's Inner West.

Nicole Robins | Nicole's practice is centred around a sense of time and place, especially the contemporary plant world around us in Sydney. She is trying to use traditional techniques from basketry while embracing our current range of domestic, native and non-native plants – those that don’t feature in other places or times.

Nicole Robins weaves baskets that are made from native and exotic plants gathered by her in and around Sydney. She uses traditional basketry techniques to display the inherent sculptural qualities of the fibres she collects.

Nicole spent seven years living in and travelling around Latin America in her twenties and feels this influenced her interest in weaving and craft. She is also very interested in international women’s development projects that allow women to earn incomes from their arts and craft. These influences joined together when on a whim she attended a basketry weekend workshop with Australian artist Meri Peach in 2011 at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens – and she hasn’t stopped weaving since then.