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Margot Design

Scarf Wool Silk Treasures Scattered

Scarf Wool Silk Treasures Scattered

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Margot Warre's new Treasures Collection was inspired by an incredible trip taken last year to Far North Queensland, Australia with an adventurous friend. 

Printed in Sydney, the scarves are generous in size, enough to wrap yourself in. With only a limited number of scarves ever produced, they are limited edition pieces or artworks, and tell 

a story of a beautiful part of our country and of Margot's adventure.

The Scattered rainforest leaves from the overwhelming dense rainforest of the Daintree, were the inspiration of this design. The mirroid of colours found on the rainforest floor hard to describe unless seen. The design is printed on an elegant silk and wool base cloth, with a soft flowing drape. 

Dimensions: 132 x 132cm 

Materials: Silk 30%, Australian Wool 70%, 130gsm, Hand fringed edges.

Margot Design is a collection of textiles designed by Margot Warre, and include bespoke quality products made with luxurious natural fibres. 

Textiles has been constant thread of Margot's career and travels. Throughout these travels she always knew how unique her home in Sydney was: the light, the summer heat, the beaches, the tropical flowers, midnight swims at the beach and glimpses of boats on the harbour. Margot Design is a fresh interpretation on these quintessentially Sydney, Australian experiences. 

Margot has designed collections for industry leaders, such as Mokum Textiles, Warwick Fabrics and Sheridan. Her designs have been released in over 50 countries and she was nominated by The Age newspaper as one of Australia’s design "trail blazers – who are conquering the world”. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Margot Design. 

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