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Stud Earrings Tall Cosmic Lollipops Gold

Stud Earrings Tall Cosmic Lollipops Gold

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A pair of elegant, unmatched earrings that will work with any outfit. From Danielle Barrie's Cosmic Lollipops collection, inspired by mermaids, milky ways, Saturn, sequins and night skies.

Dimensions: 43mm x 21mm x 15mm and 33mm x 12mm x 15mm

Materials: Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Plating

Danielle Barrie is a jewellery and object designer-maker currently based in South Australia, where she completed the prestigious JamFactory Associate Program in 2017.

Danielle aims to create innovative and contemporary pieces that allude to a sense of history and time, while evoking an understated luxury with a refined playfulness.

Each collection brings with it a new set of rules - in terms of making and in terms of inspiration. From architectural silhouettes, still and wild landscapes, colours found only on beetle wings to the simple feel and texture of a scarf - and so each collection is unique.

Though each collection is nuanced, they all share an underlying core aesthetic. This is embodied by the contrasts in shapes, bold forms and beautiful structures coupled with innovative making and quality craftsmanship which define her practice.