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Danielle Barrie

Stud Earrings Tall Cosmic Lollipops Gold

Stud Earrings Tall Cosmic Lollipops Gold

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A pair of elegant, unmatched earrings that will work with any outfit. From Danielle Barrie's Cosmic Lollipops collection, inspired by mermaids, milky ways, Saturn, sequins and night skies.


Larger earring: (L x W) 43mm x 21mm x 15mm - stud length

Smaller earring: (L x W) 33mm x 12mm x 15mm - stud length

Materials: Sterling Silver with 18K gold plating

Danielle aims to create innovative and contemporary pieces that allude to a sense of history and time, while evoking an understated luxury with a refined playfulness. From architectural silhouettes, still and wild landscapes, colours found only on beetle wings to the simple feel and texture of a scarf, each collection brings with it a new set of rules. 

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