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Tote Bag Studio A Skye Saxon What Ever Goes

Tote Bag Studio A Skye Saxon What Ever Goes

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What Ever Goes tote bag features an original design by Studio A artist, Skye Saxon.

Skye has exhibited widely at Carriageworks, Cement Fondu, Cementa Festival Kandos, Underbelly Arts Festival and Kinokuniya. In 2021 her work was featured in Carriageworks’ No Show, a survey of NSW-based early career artists working out of artist-led-initiatives. 

Printed in Sydney.

Materials: 100% cotton ethically produced tote

Dimensions: 41.5 x 41cm | Handle height 30cm

Care instructions: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach, soak or wring me please! Drip dry in the sunshine.

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney Australia that tackles the barriers that artists living with an intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists. Studio A is a social enterprise - it paves professional pathways for such artists so that they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations. Studio A provides its artists with a working studio space equipped with specialist materials and support-staff. 

Studio A contributes to various personal outcomes for the artists including increased self esteem, increased aspirations for the future, broader social networks and a sense of belonging, increased financial security and improved mental health. More broadly, within the community Studio A reduces stigma associated with people with a disability and increases diversity and inclusion. Studio A offers the mainstream arts sector access to new artists and new opportunities for unique collaborations.