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Vase Ceramic Small

Vase Ceramic Small

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This small matt piece would look lovely with a single flower or just a simple beautiful object on your favourite shelf.

Materials: Porcelain, slip, glaze

Dimensions: 10cm w x10cm x 5cm

Brett Smout's engagement with ceramics dates back to the early 1970s. While he still have a fondness for eastern influences and craft ideology, he now embraces the tools of the digital age. He enjoys many ways of working and has had to discipline himself to pursue a body of work. He is alert to patterns. He designs forms that have simplicity, choosing to decorate with simple glazes or overlay with complex patterns and combinations, searching for a unified whole. His current work centres around functional vase forms. He designs his forms with software, print models in 3D, makes plaster moulds around the models, slip-cast with porcelain, decorates with spray-resist glazes, and fires in a range of kilns, temperatures and atmospheres. Identical forms of varying sizes are affected by choices of colour, pattern and firing so that each is distinct but all are related. 

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