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R L Foote Design Studio

Vase Crystalline Southern Ocean Large

Vase Crystalline Southern Ocean Large

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These exquisite bright Southern Ocean Vase features a striking crystalline glaze that sparkles in the light. This complex crystalline effect is achieved by growing crystals in the molten glaze under the extreme heat and atmosphere of the kiln. Each glaze is a unique recipe mixed up from up to 10 different minerals that reveal their vibrant colours in the firing. 

A lot of testing and refinement is involved while creating the recipes to make sure the glaze shows off its best qualities. Nevertheless, each piece still takes its own identity in the firing and is completely unique and unrepeatable.

Piece in middle of photo.

Measurements: 112 x 187 x 295mm

Materials: Slip cast from imperial porcelain.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

R L Foote Design Studio was founded by Installation Artist, Designer, Chef and Food Designer Ryan L Foote, whose diverse background provides a unique source of technical know-how and creative innovation. Imagining how the food and drink is served, eaten, played with, they conceptualise new food forms, textures, tastes, cultural influences and their effect on the dining experience.

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