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Soft Toy Willis the Turtle

Soft Toy Willis the Turtle

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The charismatic animals created by Herbert & Friends get up to all kinds of mischief; from building time-machines, putting on plays and making Swedish gingerbread, life is never dull when the critters are around!

“Willis is an extremely talented actor! He has appeared in several David Attenborough series, including ‘In Vold Blood’ and ‘Blue Planet.’ He also starred in the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, his biggest role to date. Willis also happens to be distantly related to Harrison Ford, a point of great pride for Willis.”

Materials: Textile

Dimensions: 23 x 18cm

Herbert & Friends was founded by Sydney based artist and crafter Torunn Higgins. After completing a Fine Arts degree at COFA, Torunn found herself drawn to designing and creating quirky soft critters which took on a life of their own. 

Torunn works with natural, recycled, and synthetic materials where needed. She draws inspiration from notions of self identity, the little idiosyncrasies inside all of us, and the personas and ideas we project onto the animal and natural worlds.