Featured Maker - Nanette Goodsell

Featured Maker - Nanette Goodsell

Nanette Goodsell is a Sydney based basket maker whose work is created from a range of collected plant materials, principally using the coiled stitched technique of construction with linen thread.

With a life-long interest in Australian plants, Nanette practiced professional and voluntary bush regeneration for many years, and she draws on her botanical knowledge in exploring and extending the use of Australian plants. By maintaining simplicity of design, Nanette aims to highlight the intrinsic beauty of the botanical elements.

Nanette’s career as a Museum Anthropologist has also involved extensive world travels visiting indigenous communities, where she has participated in workshops given by indigenous basket and bag makers from Australia and the Pacific Islands.

While her baskets generally take the form of containers, Nanette also enjoys creating sculptural and whimsical works. Years of experience with a range of stitched craft works has culminated in basket-making that brings together her many interests and skills.

Image Credit: Nanette Goodsell, Woven Baskets, 2019. Photo: ADC

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