Maker Q & A - Katherine Mahoney

Maker Q & A - Katherine Mahoney

“Inspired by a medium which is expressive and exquisite; fragile and durable, I try – through the ritual and rhythm of wheel throwing – to create pieces that are simple, yet beautiful. I use porcelain for its whiteness and ability make colours sing, and stoneware for its robust durability.”

Katherine’s latest work has been inspired by the colours and textures in Sydney's landscape particularly the sandstone that abounds in the area. She encourages the user to make the pieces unique by the way they use them – then they themselves are creative.

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Image: Katherine Mahoney, Ceramics, 2018. Photo: Greg Piper.


What is your 'origin story'?! Where did it all start?

Many years ago I walked into Cranbrook Station Pottery in Kent where my younger brother was working. One look at the pots stacked from floor to ceiling, the clay being thrown by talented potters and kilns brimming with hot ware and I knew what I wanted to do...

Describe the last thing you made?
A new take on a noodle bowl... wider, bigger, deeper than before.

Tell us about your dream project ambitions?!
I used to make a lot of "one-off' pieces - I'm looking forward to being able to devote more time to this in future.

What is your favourite spot in Sydney and why?!
Opera Bar - it is so alive and vibrant!

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