Sophie Lanigan - Sent

Sophie Lanigan - Sent

Sent celebrates 100 ideas about space.

This informal research project by Sophie Lanigan aims to make conversations about space and design more inclusive – by giving an equal platform to those within and beyond the architectural discipline. Between 2019 and 2021, invited contributors were asked to reflect on their relationship to the world around and wider conversations about the design and construction of space. The resulting contributions, shared by leading architects and designers, environmental lawyers, ICU nurses, economists, farmers and others were compiled into a boxed set of 100 postcards, co-published with Post-Post-.

Diverse ideas include Molongolo's postcard 'Landscape as Protagonist' considers who has the power and proposes a breakdown of the 'humans first' status quo, Jess Scully's 'Lingering in Car Spaces' speaks to the joy of inhabiting previously sacrosanct on-street parking, Simon Robinson from OFFICE points to the emergence of privately managed smart cities and expanding private interest within public space and Tiffany Liew's response, 'Re: Co-Authorship' proposes a kind of chain letter for exchanging ideas.

Tane Andrews | Peter Andrews OAM | Matthew Aylmer | Tosin Bamidele | Baracco + Wright Architects | Dana Barale | Daniel A. Barber | Georgia Beaumont | Olivier Bellflamme | Jackson Birrell | Christine Bjerke | Gabriella Boyd | Rhiannon Brownbill | Mary-Grace Brunker | Penelope Cain | Henry Chase Richards | Benton Ching | Chanelle Collier | Andrew Copolov | Callum Craigie | Cave Urban | Cream Projects | Tom Davidson McLeod | James Dolton | Safa El Samad | Zoe Elena Horn | Estudio Jochamowitz Rivera | Anna Ewald-Rice | Vladimir Fanshil | Rebecca Faulkner | Ira Ferris | Finding Infinity & Ash Keating Studio | David Flook | F.O.A.M. | Formafantasma | Hélène Frichot | Jack Gillmer | Eliza Gosse | Gracie Grew | Alyin Gürel | Chloe Henry-Jones | Anthony Hodgkinson | Kimberley Hui | Sophie Hutchinson | Rory Hyde | Laura Jade | Edward James Luther Clarke | Benjamin Jay Shand | Oskar Johanson | John Wardle Architects | Mason Kimber | Victoria King | Sophie Lanigan | Brooke Lazarus | Alisha Lee | Richard Leplastrier | Tiffany Liew | Helen Lochhead | Honey Long | Isobel Lord | Clement Luk Laurencio | Eleanor Lyons | Ben MacIntosh | Emily Malek | Charlotte Malterre-Barthes | Leslie Marsh | Alice McCosker | Dani Meyerowitz | Taylor Mitchell | Molonglo | Michael Mossman | Bridget Nathan | Amelyn Ng | Miriam Osburn | Outside Development | Angela Pattison | Eleanor Peres | Andrew Perich | Jeffrey Phillips | Calvin Po | Alicia Pozniak | Emily Priest | Nicholas Raap | Diana Reid | Marni Reti | Simon Robinson (OFFICE) | Georgia Saxelby | Jess Scully | Second Edition | Belinda Smole | Giselle Stanborough | Jake Starr | Prue Stent | Lee Stickells | Studio Shu | Martha Swift | Sophie Swift | Andrew Toland | Anna Tonkin | Vera van Maaren | Manijeh Verghese | Haley Violet Ball | Lucas Volfneuk | Max Volfneuk | Blake William Jürmann | Sophie Willison | Joe Wilson | Janelle Woo | Sam Woods | Eric Ye | Liam Young | Roger Zogolovitch

On the project Sophie Lanigan comments:

“The three-dimensional thinking in each idea locates and articulates an experience of the world with more precision and care. In addition to time and space, contributors reflected on the environment or access or affordability or dreams or any other way of understanding that was important to them. The strict format of the project, a textual and visually economical postcard, made big ideas accessible and gave small ideas a platform. This final iteration of the project - as a boxed collection of ideas invites you to engage with these ideas in an orderly or nonlinear fashion, quickly or slowly, together or individually. The unbound freedom of the set and the intentionally blank final postcard encourages you to re-organise, distribute, and share these ideas, keeping the project’s spirit alive.”

The Sent publication is a holistic review of the project and has been included in exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Florence, Italy. It includes all postcards accompanied by a foreword from Manijeh Verghese, an introduction to all contributors and material from the Architecture Association Summer School Unit, With Love, and a poster. Founding Editor: Sophie Lanigan. Editor: Anna Tonkin. Co-publisher: Post-Post- Design: Ben Hutchings

The publication is a numbered limited edition and can be purchased during the exhibition from Object Shop onsite and online for $70.00. 

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About Sophie Lanigan:
Sophie Lanigan is a researcher and architectural designer based in Sydney (Gadigal Land). Her practice includes formal and informal research projects alongside exhibition and design work. Sophie holds an M.A. with Distinction from the Architecture Association London and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Sydney. She is the recipient of the Ascham Leadership Scholarship (2022), the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship (2019), the Henry J Cowan Prize for Architectural Science (2017) and the Clitheroe Emerging Sculptor Prize (2017).
Instagram: @sophielanigan_

Image Credit: Sophie Lanigan, Sent, 2021. Photo: Ben Hutchings.

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