Studio Profile: Scott Chaseling of Studio OneFive

Studio Profile: Scott Chaseling of Studio OneFive

Studio OneFive is a collaborative project between Scott Chaseling and Gina Fairley. It is the first hot glass studio in the Southern Highlights of New South Wales. The studio creates bespoke glass homewares and jewellery designs, while embracing sustainability practices.

Studio OneFive is all about glass. As a material it has such history, and yet it embodies the future as we find new creativity in sustainable design.

The lead designer is renowned glass artist Scott Chaseling, who brings over 35 years of international experience to the studio's regenerative design.

What do you make?

Glassware and jewellery featuring glass pieces. 

What you love about making glassware?

We love working with a material that embraces a sustainable ethic, so core to everything is that comes out of Studio OneFive is from redesigned bottles.

For us, the challenge is putting good design into this available material. So that its history is visually light and we push it aesthetically in fresh ways to shift the thinking around "recycling" and "upcycling" (words we choose not to use).

We believe that good design must come first, and impact follows as people choose to live with our designs. 

Describe your studio space.

We are located in the Southern Highlands - a short day trip from ADC and the Object Shop.

The space is active with six kilns, a glory hole for heating and working the bottle glass; a torch area for cutting off and preparing the bottles; a lamp working area for jewellery; a full silver jewellery studio and a 'wet shed' for cleaning and cold working the bottle glass.

We also have a designated area where we collate all the recycled packaging (boxes and bubble) we receive. Even though it sounds industrial we make it feel like home, with plenty of plants, a big table to gather around and a mandatory chandelier.

There is no better day than putting on some good music or a podcast and each of us making.

What new technique are you exploring?

We are constantly exploring new ideas and new ways to work with bottles. At the moment we are doing lots of research on colour compatibility with bottle glass so we can add 'lip wraps' and details to our homewares.

With regard to S15 Jewellery, our desire is to use every element of a bottle, so we are always trying to push beyond 'the glass bead' with our designs. Using the neck of the bottle to create fresh contemporary designs, like our Flow necklaces.


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