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Gabby Malpas

Banksia Two Tone Tealight

Banksia Two Tone Tealight

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Ornate hand created narrative ceramics. 

Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm

Materials: Cobalt oxide freehand brushwork over unglazed midfire white lumina porcelain, gold lustre, handbuilt buff clay stand with applied decoration, green gloss glaze

Gabby Malpas is an artist living and working on Gadigal Lands of the Eora Nation. As a Chinese adoptee raised by white parents in NZ, Gabby considers and challenges the western tradition of Chinoiserie with her own narrative in paintings and ceramics. The resulting works are beautiful and delicate with stories that draw the viewer in for a closer look, offering a sometimes calculated contrast to the confronting messages presented. She is a proud maximalist. 

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