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Hayden Youlley

Cup Flat White Paper Series Blue

Cup Flat White Paper Series Blue

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Grab a new keep cup with your fave coffee stencilled on the outside for your daily coffee ritual. Look extra stylish whilst saving the planet.

The Paper series explores surface textures inspired by crumpled paper. This series of slip-cast porcelain vessels is ideal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen. All pieces of Hayden Youlley Design ceramics are handmade and any irregularities in shape are part of the process and should be enjoyed and embraced.

  • All large cups are hand made by Hayden in his Northern Rivers studio.
  • They are slip cast in Imperial porcelain clay. Slip is a form of clay that is liquid. Porcelain is a  very refined, slightly off-white, translucent clay.
  • They are cast to a specific thickness that is a balance between elegant and suitable for practical everyday use.
  • They are fired in a kiln to 1280℃.
  • They are glazed on the interior

Measurements: (D xH) 85 x 135 mm 

Capacity: 250ml of liquid

Hayden Youlley believes that good design is about realising function with aesthetic integrity and without unnecessary complications. He thinks the products and systems we interact with everyday should enable rather than frustrate us, and he hopes to instil that in each of his objects. 

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