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Carly Slape

Earrings Half Sun Stamp

Earrings Half Sun Stamp

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Solid brass semi circles with high polish and half sun detail, dangling from sterling silver ear wires.

Perfectly balanced in identical shape and weight to the microgram.


Precision hand stamping and shaping for identical earrings in perfect balance.

Measurements:   (W x H x D) 30 x 30 x 20mm

Weight: 2.7gm

Materials: Brass with Stirling Silver earwires

Carly is an emerging jewellery artist, creating one of a kind wearable art since August 2020. Carly’s approach is often experimental, moving away from traditional jewellery design by using imaginative solutions in manufacturing. Her designs are centred around natural observations with a vision to expand her work into the expression of her ancestral ties to Norwegian and Jewish heritage.


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