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Embossed Brooch Khaki

Embossed Brooch Khaki

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Minqi has a background in architecture. Her practice stretches across jewellery to small objects. Minqi’s work ethos is to show inclusiveness and sustainability.

Consisting of a wide variety of material exploration from ceramics to bioplastics. Using casting techniques, mould making and traditional silversmithing skills. Minqi explores themes of consumption, home life and architecture.

Her collection uses traditional ceramic skills and current design practice in exploring wearable art. The pieces are strong in concept and very wearable. The work mixes sustainable material with precious material, bold in colour and form.

Minqi has exhibited at Craft ACT, Artisan Queensland and at Powerhouse, Brisbane.

Dimensions: (WXL) 55 x 80cm

Materials: bio plastic, sterling silver, stainless steel

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