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Anna-Lisa Backlund

Necklace Beaded Stripey Glass

Necklace Beaded Stripey Glass

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Anna-Lisa Backlund's jewellery features biodegradable 3D thermoplastic beads strung together with retro plastics as well as brass, wood and glass. Each piece is made at Anna-Lisa's home studio in Bondi. 

Dimensions: length 43cm approx

Materials: 3D printed, glass beads and brass beads

Using a home 3D printer as well as handmade processes, Anna-Lisa crafts distinctive beads and vases while exploring all types of accessories and homewares with a particular focus on Australian design. Her work is strongly influenced by architecture and interior design, particularly the surface textures of bricks, wood, paints and stone.

Image: Anna-Lisa Backlund, Necklace with 3D Printed Beads, 2023. Photo: Courtesy of the artist 

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