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Book Obsessed: Compelled to Make

Book Obsessed: Compelled to Make

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Obsessed: Compelled to make explores the preoccupations that drive the creative process, providing an insight into the working practices of fourteen artists from across Australia. Moving beyond the finished work, this project tells the hidden stories of making, uncovering the artists' inspirations, day-to-day studio experiences, hours of expertise, and the joys and frustrations of obsession. Obsessed: Compelled to make is an Australian Design Centre exhibition that will tour throughout Australia, accompanied by a series of films and a full-length catalogue. It explores the work and stories of 14 artists: Gabriella Bisetto, Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Honor Freeman, Jon Goulder, Kath Inglis, Laura McCusker, Elliat Rich and James B Young (Elbowrkshp), Kate Rohde, Oliver Smith, Vipoo Srivilasa, Tjunkaya Tapaya, Louise Weaver and Liz Williamson.

Edited by Lisa Cahill and Penny Craswell, the catalogue features full-length interviews with all 14 artists in the show, as well as sumptuous photography by Angus Lee Forbes, with additional photography by Jules Boag and Peter Whyte. Essays exploring making are by Penny Craswell and Stephen Goddard, and a poem by Sarah Rice titled You ­– Matter, commissioned by ADC and Red Room Poetry, is a response to the artists’ works. The catalogue was designed by Michael Donohue and the Obsessed: Compelled to make project is art directed and designed by Stephen Goddard. This publication was made possible from the generous support of the Gordon Darling Foundation.

Pages: 112 pages

Dimensions: 22 x 27.5cm, soft-cover

ISBN: 9780646980140

First published: 2018