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Carly Slape

Pendant Sun Disc

Pendant Sun Disc

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Solid Brass, high polish, sun disc with fine silver bezel and sterling silver bail. Like a sundial, casting a shadow that corresponds with the time upon movement of the sun, the shadow of the central Golden rutile quartz stone seeks to capture the essence of a sun dial's connection to the sun's cycles


Longer angular bail for pendulum and balance connection. Mixture of high polish and textured surfaces.


Brass and Fine Silver with Golden Rutile Quartz round cabochon. Includes fine Sterling Silver 45cm chain.

Dimensions 3.22gm, 20 x 42 x 5mm (W x H x D)

Carly is an emerging jewellery artist, creating one of a kind wearable art since August 2020.

In her first year of practice, Carly has demonstrated a natural talent for working with metals; with public recognition of her work for two pieces within her first year of practice. Designer and manufacturer of bespoke jewellery on Kaurna land, Adelaide SA.

As a daughter of intergenerational artists and craftsmen, Carly feels a sense of comfort and connection to her ancestry whilst creating art with metal. Her approach to creating is often experimental, moving away from traditional jewellery design by using imaginative solutions in manufacturing.

Carly’s designs are centred around natural observations with a vision to expand her work into the expression of her ancestral ties to Norwegian and Jewish heritage. She is also driven to create work that highlight her strong values in environmental care, social justice, equity and inclusion.

Carly was recently successful as a shortlisted artist, in the early career category, for the Profile Contemporary Jewellery and Object Award, hosted by the Australian Design Centre in August 2022.

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