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Kath Inglis

Stud Earrings PVC Stellar Medium Sapphire Blue

Stud Earrings PVC Stellar Medium Sapphire Blue

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Description: Hand coloured, cut, carved and heat-fused multi-layer PVC stud earrings. 

Dimensions: 19mm diameter, 16mm depth (including post)

Materials: PVC, Stainless Steel post. 

Kath Inglis is a jeweller who eschews expensive gems and metals in favour of PVC. Inglis expertly dyes, hand carves and fuses this seemingly ordinary sheet plastic to create jewellery pieces with a particular luminosity.

Raised in Darwin, Kath Inglis moved south to Adelaide to study contemporary jewellery. After graduating from the South Australian School of Art in 2000, Kath continued to develop her practice by working from a number of studios, including the renowned Gray Street Workshop, JamFactory's Metal Design Studio and soda and rhyme. Kath now lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with a work bench located in a nineteenth century stable.

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