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Lunio by Sofie

Wild Clay Tea Bowl

Wild Clay Tea Bowl

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This piece was fired in an Anagama wood kiln for 72 hours, with wood fed into the kiln every ten minutes to keep the temperature inside climbing. The ash from the burning wood then flies through the kiln landing on pieces to create beautiful and unique colours. This makes each piece individual and irreplaceable.

Materials: Stoneware ceramics

Dimensions: (H x W) 12.5 x 10cm

Sofie Neuendorf is an Australian ceramic artist who was raised with a love and appreciation for the arts. Lunio means 'shape' or 'form' in Welsh and personifies the way Sofie sees the world and how this affects the design and creation of her work. She is inspired by the verdant hills of the rainforest, which is the daily view from her home studio.  

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